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Mountain High Furniture is owned and operated by John and Wendy Powers.  John is in charge of our shop where he designs and builds the Mountain High Furniture line.  Wendy handles the business side of things and runs our small store location in Westminster, CO.


John's first encounter with wood working was when he was in the U.S. Navy and was trained to be a pattern maker.  He found that he enjoyed working with wood and perfected his craft over the next 25 years by building cabinets and furniture.  Furniture building appealed to him as it allowed him to use his artistic side.


His dream of having his own furniture business finally came true when he started up Mountain High Furniture at the beginning of 2010.  John continues to build his current lines of furniture, but is always coming up with fresh ideas for new lines.  Pictures of new pieces will be posted as they are built, so please check back with us.


Come visit our store location where you can come in and get your hands on some of our furniture.  Wendy can help you with stain colors, leather and fabric choices.


Along with the studio, we also continue to introduce our products at exhibitor shows, such as the Cowboy Christmas Gift Show in Las Vegas. 

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